Gas Station Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Fuller Installations provides a variety of services to Gasoline / Retail C Stores

  • Repair and maintenance of fuel dispensing equipment (fuel pump repair)
  • Sell, install and service computer interfacing with cash register systems that run the sales of the gasoline as well as retail items through the  manufacturer’s cash register systems.
  • Tank monitoring systems (leak detection systems) services.

Below is a more detailed extensive listing of our pos sytem repairs and maintenance, fuel pump hanging hardware, fuel pump repairs and maintenance, tank pad repairs and maintenance, and water removal services.

Point of Sale / Cash Register Equipment

We Supply and Service All POS Systems Listed:

  • Nucleus Systems (Wayne)

  • Ruby, Topaz, and Sapphire w/ HPV20 or V950 (Verifone)

  • G-Site, Passport Systems (Gilbarco)

  • P1500 or P1760 Series Systems (Radiant)

  • Wayne Plus (Wayne)

Fuel Pump Hanging Hardware

  1. Fuel pump nozzles and nozzle tip assemblies (supplying nozzles from Catlow, OPW, Healy, Husky, Emco Wheaton and Balance Nozzles, etc.)
  2. Fuel pump hoses
  3. Fuel pump breakaways and breakaway kits
  4. Fuel pump o-ring kits
  5. Fuel pump nozzle covers
  6. Fuel pump nozzle splashguards

Fuel Pump Repairs and Maintenance

  1. All electronics including circuit board repairs and replacement
  2. Hydraulics such as meters, valves, piping, orings, etc.
  3. Filter changes, strainers and check valve cleaning
  4. Calibration of meters
  5. We Supply and service All Dispensers Listed : 
  • DL, Vista, 1V, 2V, 3V, Ovation etc. (Wayne)

  • MPD, Advantage, Encore, 300, 500, 500s, 700 (Gilbarco)

  • Series 2, Series 3 (Tolkheim)

Tank Pad Repairs and Maintenance

  1. Fill Covers
  2. Gaskets
  3. Cover Replacement
  4. STP Containment Lid Replacement
  5. Water Sealing
  6. Fill manhole, drain, repair and replacements
  7. Tank monitoring systems including Veeder Root, Incon, OPW, etc.
  8. Repairs, diagnostics, replacement of sensors and STP Parts
  9. Wiring installations and removal
  10. Overfill protection, repair and maintenance

 Tank Cleaning Services

  1. Tank bottom cleanings (Sludge/Debris)
  2. Additive treatments (Diesel or Gasoline)
  3. Tank bottom Samples (Before and After)
  4. Water removal from tank bottom

Service will be based on the amount of water, depending on the site's availability to supply drums for disposal of contaminant .

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